The Truth About Finding Your Purpose

Purpose has become extremely important to me, especially in the last few years. But here's the thing about your purpose ... that shit changes! 

You are both the 3 year old version of yourself as well as the you that you are today. You are the happy version of yourself and the sad version of yourself. You're the highest version of yourself and the lowest version of yourself. You following me?

Disney gif. Boo in Monsters, Inc. jumps on a monster, hitting him with a baseball bat. Every time she hits him, he changes colors.

Humans are not just one thing. We are multi-dimensional beings. I love traveling and I love not leaving my home for days at a time. I love trap music and Adele. I love healthy food and I love chicken nuggets. I love connecting with people and having deep conversations and I also appreciate when people shut the fuck up. 

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So when you hear people talking about finding your purpose, keep all this multi-dimensional shit in mind. Your purpose is not just one thing and it is ever-changing. It evolves, it grows, it expands, just like you as a human. 

In 2020, my purpose was writing my blog. In 2021, my purpose was starting a business. In 2022, my purpose was growing my business and becoming a marketing beast. In 2023, my purpose is my podcast. But listen ... I still have the blog (you're reading it, duh), I still have my business, I am still actively learning about marketing and branding. You just keep fucking going. You continue to add elements to your life that make you the truest version of yourself. 

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But here's the real truth about finding your purpose. We all have the same purpose. Are you ready for this?

The purpose of all humans is to raise the vibration of the planet. 

This doesn't mean you have to become Gandhi or Mother Theresa. All you have to do is be YOU. The world needs your unique gifts and talents. Don't deprive us of that shit. It is your duty as a human. 

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