Don't Be A Dick to Yourself

A couple years ago, I had this genius idea to write down everything I disliked about myself. For some fucked up reason, I thought it would be therapeutic or some shit to just go ahead and get out everything I wanted to say. 

Seems Legit Martin Freeman GIF

It was a four page rant with poetic sentences like, "you have a long neck, bitch" and "you're a loser and a failure and no one takes you seriously." 

And I must admit, while writing these things, I genuinely thought that expressing it all on paper was going to help me get it out and those thoughts would magically disappear forever. 

See Ya Goodbye GIF by Walter Mercado

So, how did I feel after completing my literary masterpiece? 

Well, after I wiped the snot and tears from my face I went back to read my work. You know, to check for any errors or anything I may have missed. 

After about three sentences, I crumpled up the paper (yes, I printed that shit out) and threw it in the trash can. Sobbing, I made a promise to myself to never say or think those things again. 

I mean, think about it. What if one of my friends or relatives had sent me that letter? How would I feel? 

Probably pretty fucking great after punching them in the face and denouncing our friendship. 

face punch GIF

Writing that letter made me realize how much I needed to be my own best friend. I needed to treat myself and talk to myself the way I would want someone who loves me and cares about me does. 

Don't talk shit to yourself. Don't be a dick to yourself. Be your own hype man.