as told by ellie presents: the snark box

Introducing 'The Snark Box,' the monthly greeting card subscription that's as sarcastic as your inner monologue. Finally, cards that say what Hallmark's too polite to print.

never miss a special occasion again, you fucking slacker.

  • Snark Box Monthly Subscription
  • Snark Box Monthly Subscription
  • Snark Box Monthly Subscription
  • Snark Box Monthly Subscription
  • Snark Box Monthly Subscription
  • Snark Box Monthly Subscription
  • Snark Box Monthly Subscription
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Introducing - Snark Box, an As Told By Ellie monthly subscription. 

🎉 The Card They Never Saw Coming!

Always find yourself scouring the card section last minute for a card that doesn’t make you cringe? We've got you covered! Dive into our unique blend of snark and charm with our monthly subscription box.

What You Get Every Month:

🃏 Four Unique Greeting Cards - Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or just because; you'll get four cards that stand out. Our cards guarantee genuine laughter or at least a snicker!

✨ Premium Quality - Don't let the sass fool you; our cards are of impeccable quality, ensuring your cheeky sentiments stand the test of time.

🎁 All-Occasion Ready - You’ll never be caught off guard! Our selection ensures you have a card for every curveball life throws.

Why Snarky Greetings?

Keep 'Em Guessing - Bypass clichés and deliver unexpected giggles to your friends and family.

Stay Ahead of the Game - No more scrambling for cards. Be the person always ready with the perfectly snarky sentiment.

Exclusive Designs - Our subscription box cards include some cards that haven’t been released yet, ensuring your stash is full of exclusivity!

How It Works:

1. Subscribe! - Pick your subscription length: monthly (cancel anytime) or go big with a year of sass.

2. Delivery to Your Doorstep - Hassle-free and always on time. Orders are shipped on the 25th of each month. 

3. Spread the Snark - Gift them, collect them, or just pin them up for a laugh.

Dare to be different. Let your cards be the life of the party! From sassy to downright cheeky, our Snark Box ensures you'll be the most memorable card-giver of the year.

💌 P.S. Some laughter may be too contagious. Use responsibly!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Walter Pearson
Building that Arsenal

I can gladly say that by doing the Snark Box subscription (which I shall be renewing) has given me a start to nice collection of sarcastic smartass cards for many occasions from moving to Mother's Day.

Lonna Freshley
Creative and fun!

These are perfect little cards to spice up your friends’ and family’s lives! Great holiday specifics and then random ones too. I look forward to getting these and sharing them each month!

Monique O'Brien
Like a gift in the mail squared.

I love seeing the cards that I receive in my snark box. It’s like a gift for me. Then, I get to send the cards to my friends and family, a gift for them too!