Grow the Fuck Up

I have a confession to make. 

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I am not perfect. I have skeletons in my closet. I have things I’ve done and said in my lifetime that I hope nobody ever fuckin’ finds out about. And I’m not proud of that. 

But you know what I am proud of?

My self awareness to this shit. My willingness to learn and be and do better. 

It’s unfortunate that with some of these things, it took me so long to see the error in my ways. But what’s not unfortunate is that I was finally able to see it. 

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Humans, for whatever reason, we have a hard time admitting when we’re wrong. But life is fuckin’ hard, bud. If you’re an adult and you still have a hard time apologizing when you’re wrong or, even worse, you just straight up don’t apologize when you’re wrong - then, grow the fuck up. #isaidwhatisaid

An incredibly valuable lesson I have learned in my 20’s is this: Be willing to change your opinions and beliefs when presented with new information. 

Let me use a not so controversial topic here to give an example. CBD. Okay, I’m not talking about smokin’ weed and getting high here, I’m talking about CBD. 

I thought CBD was bullshit. I was like, “Heh heh heh, us stoners are CLEVERRRRR!” I thought it was a means to legally get high. 

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And guess what? CBD doesn’t make you high. Like, at all. But you know what it does? It stops my 11 year old dog from having seizures. (It does a lot more shit, FYI). 

So what did I do when presented with this new information? I learned everything I could about CBD. I learned how it works in your body, I learned the difference between CBD and THC, I learned about all of the benefits it has, I learned where you should and shouldn’t buy it from. I learned proper dosages and different ways to ingest CBD. I learned about the stigmas around it, I learned about the history of the legality of it. And then I formed my own opinion based off of my newfound information.  

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Because this is what adults do. You educate yourself. And if after you educate yourself and hear the different perspectives, opinions, beliefs, values, whatever and you are like, “No, I still choose my thinking.” Then you have every right to do that. The difference being, now you can back your shit up with knowledge and information. 

What if I had just stayed where I was initially?

If my head was so far up my own ass that I wasn’t willing to change my belief on CBD, then my pet would still be suffering. 

What’s a law or a rule or a belief that you firmly believe in? How can that be challenged?