Pep Talk - Take Action Now

Sup guys, welcome back to the Fuck the Status Quo Podcast in blog form. It’s Ellie Blake, the head bitch in charge here. Appointed by … myself. Today I’m here to talk shit to you. Kind of. This is a nugget episode and I’m gonna give you a little pep talk. A little something I wish someone had said to me a while back. 

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There’s this quote from the movie Blow, and I know that’s a movie about cocaine but there are hella good quotes in that movie and it’s classic Johnny Depp. Anyway, George Jung who Johnny Depp is portraying says, “Life passes most people by while they’re busy making grand plans for it.”

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And that one stuck with me. I try to remind myself of it often and yet, it’s still something I struggle with. 

Often times, there’s not a right time to start anything new whether it be quitting your job or deciding to start a family. There’s never a right time, right? Or like, say you are gonna do this thing that you care a lot about. And maybe you’re a bit of a perfectionist like me so you spend all this time planning and prepping for something that the day where you actually take action never comes. You just stayed in the dreamer phase. You’re never gonna be fully ready. You just gotta go for it. 

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Take action before you are ready. When you take action towards your goals you’re setting shit in motion. What’s that law of motion? An objection in motion stays in motion. Boom, that just came out of some science class from yesteryear. Anyway, uhhh ya I just told you the science of the entire point of this baby nugget episode. 

When you take action, you’re going to become inspired by that action, and hopefully keep going. And then at least you will have more of a leg to stand on when you say “yeah, I’m going to continue down this path” or “no, this isn’t working, time to pivot.” 

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Listen, I’ve heard people use words to describe me the last couple year’s that no one has EVER used to describe me like ambitious, driven, always staying busy, goal-oriented. And it’s weird for me to hear that shit. You wanna know why? Because I am a lazy chick. And I feel like I spent years of my life being lazy as fuck just watching Netflix in bed and doing a whole lot of nothing. 

I love chillin’ at my house, I love wearing comfy clothes, I love sleeping. If I could sleep for 10 hours every night, I would. 

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But clearly the chick laying in bed all day watching Netflix is not the same chick who runs a 6 figure greeting card business, has a podcast, a blog, blah blah blah you get the point. So what was the secret? 

I literally just took some action. I started taking care of myself. I started a skincare routine. One thing led to another and it just snowballed. Now I’m a big ‘ole ball rolling down an Icelandic mountain somewhere. 

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So whatever that thing is that you’re avoiding or putting off, making excuses not to start, or just excessively planning for it … just fuckin’ take the first step already. I’m not saying do the damn thing but write out an action plan if you have to of what steps need to happen in order to get you that thing. And then complete step 1. 

Let me know what your step 1 is, guys. I love hearing from you all. If this podcast was helpful and you guys want me to do more of these little pep talks, let me know. Share this, send it to someone who might find it helpful. 

Now go take some fuckin’ action. 

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