3 Ways You Can Be Less of an Asshole This Week

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Alright, let's cut right to the chase here. Here are some simple suggestions on how you can be less of an asshole this week. 

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Don't stand to close to someone in line.
A more blunt way to say this is: BACK THE FUCK UP. If I can hear your breathing behind me at the checkout line at the grocery store, you are too damn close. The best thing that ever came out of Covid was social distancing. The pandemic being over but staying 6ft away from others at all times should still be enforced. 
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Put your damn phone away when someone is speaking to you.
It's rude. It shows you don't care about what they are saying so much that you cannot even pretend to pay attention. If it's that bad, just tell them to shut up. 
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Let people off the elevator before you get on.
The elevator operates at the same speed at all times. It makes logical sense to clear the area first before reloading. Rushing onto an elevator before other riders get off will not speed up the process, it just makes you an asshole. 
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