• Thankful For You Fuckers Friendsgiving Shirts
  • Thankful For You Fuckers Friendsgiving Shirts
  • Thankful For You Fuckers Friendsgiving Shirts

Thankful For You Fuckers Friendsgiving Shirts

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Dark Brown Bella Canvas Tee - "Thankful for You Fuckers"

🍁🦃 Thanksgiving: A time for gratitude, pumpkin pie, and tolerating people you selectively avoid the rest of the year. Why not celebrate this festive contradiction with our dark brown Bella Canvas tee that says, "Thankful for You Fuckers"? It's like a warm, irony-filled hug... but a shirt.

What Makes This Shirt As Awesome As Leftover Pie:

Perfectly Passive-Aggressive: The word "Thankful" shines in a charming, retro font adorned with a cute fall color palette. Then, BAM! The twist no one saw coming but everyone feels.

Autumn Vibes: Dark brown color faster than your uncle can say, "When are you getting a real job?" Perfect for hiding gravy spills and your true feelings.

Comfortably Sarcastic: Crafted from the souls of the softest cotton and the spirits of a thousand eye-rolls, Bella Canvas ensures you're comfy even when cornered by the family gossip brigade.

Best Occasions to Wear:

-Thanksgiving dinner, especially when you're seated at the kids' table... again.

-Casual Friendsgiving, where your squad really gets the joke.

Any November day you need a reminder that, yes, you are indeed surrounded by... those people.

Specs and Care:

Sizes: S to "I've had enough turkey".

Care: Machine wash in cold. Perfect for cleaning off the tears of laughter or despair. Tumble dry low, like your expectations for a drama-free dinner.

Add this tee to your wardrobe, and be the talk of Turkey Day (because let’s face it, they were going to talk about you anyway).

Note: Wearing this tee may increase chances of being assigned to dish duty or getting secret nods of solidarity from the cousin who truly understands you. Either way, you're winning Thanksgiving.

Remember: It's all about giving thanks and throwing shade.

Customer Reviews

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Lynn Crump
Great gift

Good quality t-shirt. Got a lot of laughs. Perfect for a fun friendsgiving!