• D*ck Appointment Reminder Card
  • D*ck Appointment Reminder Card

D*ck Appointment Reminder Card

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Dick Appointment Reminder Cards - Sexy Time Invitations for Your Spouse

💌 Description:
Ever wish you could make sure your sexy time is never forgotten? Introducing our snarky "Dick Appointment Reminder Cards" - because who said appointments are just for doctors? 😂

-Same size as a standard business card 📏
-Perfect for slipping into your spouse's wallet or leaving on the nightstand 💼
-Space on the back to fill in your "appointment time" 🕒
-Available as a single card or in a pack of 5 for a better deal ... and more action! 💸

Product Details:
-Size: Standard business card (3.5" x 2")
-Quantity: Choose 1 or a pack of 5 for extra fun!
-Material: High-quality cardstock for durability

Why You'll Love It:
-Add a playful twist to your relationship 😜
-Keep the romance alive with a funny reminder 😉
-Perfect gag gift for anniversaries, birthdays, or just because! 🎁

How to Use:
-Fill in the "appointment time" on the back.
-Slip it into your spouse's wallet, or leave it somewhere they'll find it.
-Wait for the laughter and excitement to begin!

Snarky and Fun:
Because sometimes, even the most intimate moments deserve a reminder card. Whether it's a gentle nudge or a cheeky hint, our "Dick Appointment Reminder Cards" are here to ensure your sexy time is never missed. 😂

Order now and keep your calendar spicy! 🔥

Make sure to grab a pack and save for future "appointments." Your spouse will thank you - and who knows, you might even get a reminder card back! 😉

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