Pep Talk: Don't Worry What Others Think

Listen, stop worrying what others think about you because no one is sitting there just thinking about you. 

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Hello friend, welcome back to the Fuck the Status Quo Podcast in blog form. It’s Ellie Blake here with a nugget episode for you today. 

Stop holding yourself back from doing things you want to do because you’re scared what other people are going to think of you. I know it’s easier said than done but I want you to play this shit out in your head real quick. 

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If you feel cringe about something, you need to figure out why you feel cringe about it. One of my first entrepreneurial adventures was joining an MLM. I’m not here to discuss my current thoughts and beliefs on MLM’s but I will say that I felt very cringe posting about it and messaging people. It didn’t last long.

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I still felt cringey at first when I began posting about my greeting card business but it was a different cringe. Yes, I was worried people from my past would think it was silly. Or maybe making fun of me or judging me in some way. 

But then you really have to sit there and ask yourself, what people? Like who in your life are you thinking of? Name them. Now ask yourself … Do you value their opinion? Have they done or do they have any knowledge on the thing you are setting out to do? Do you want to live the way they live their life? If the answer to any of these is no, then what’s the deal homie? Why are you so concerned over this hypothetical situation? 

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Because 1, you’re worried about what they will think. Well good news, you’re probably never going to know what they are thinking. And number 2, I’m not saying it doesn’t happen but most people aren’t going to directly just be a dick to you. 

Like with the MLM, what did I expect? Someone to comment on it and go “shut up loser!” Chances are no one is gonna do that shit. And if they do, it’s probably not someone you want to associate with. You gotta protect your peace. 

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Don’t let the hypothetical opinions of other people stop you from following your dreams. We’re not here long enough for you to give someone else that much power.